Hip and knee replacements have been around for a long time and have become widely accepted by patients and physicians as options to replace joints in efforts to improve the quality of life. When it comes to the ankle, options have historically been limited to ankle fusion. Many patients today want to keep the ankle moving instead of fusing it. Ankle replacement has become a viable option for many who suffer with debilitating ankle pain. Having a surgeon with experience is very important when it comes to ankle replacements. The ankle has proved to be much more complex than the hip and knee when considering contributing deformities and in making the decision for or against an ankle replacement. Dr. Shumway was selected to train in a highly sought after fellowship to hone his skills in performing total ankle replacement surgery in addition to an intensive surgical residency with nationally recognized surgeons. As a result, he is one of the most highly trained surgeons in total ankle replacement in the intermountain west. This training is also key in determining when a total ankle replacement is appropriate. Dr. Shumway is conversant in multiple types of ankle replacement procedures such as the Wright Medical Prophecy Infinity total ankle system that has the ability to 3D print guides specific to your ankle (see more here). There are some alternatives to ankle replacement such as cartilage replacement surgery, ankle fusion, and ankle arthroscopy are some of these options all of which he is highly trained and is able to perform these procedure if appropriate. Schedule an appointment today to see if you may be a candidate for this innovative and cutting-edge procedure to keep you on your feet.